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Kamshet Adventure Tourism

Kamshet Pune is especially famous for the paragliding and all the para gliding adventurists hustle here during a getaway weekend and enjoy the various sports there. Paragliding in kamshet also include thermal gliding and para sliding which makes the Kamshet a must visit place in the list of holiday destinations.

Bedse caves are yet another tourist attraction near Lonavala Kamshet. Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bedse caves are the three Buddhist Caves and the last one is not yet known to the tourists. Hence is sparsely occupied even during holiday season. This is also a tourist spot in Maharashtra and can be reached by a travel of hardly an hour from Mumbai Pune Highway. Not on the Expressway route. The road leading to the Bedse caves are pretty bad, but the stair case is intelligently built to enable concentrated walk upwards to the caves. The caves are as usual stunning with ancient carvings all around. It takes hardly 20 minutes to take the steps to reach the caves.

Paragliding in kamshet lets the adventurist to soar over the lawn lake and enjoy the lush green scene below. People can also adventure with thermal soaring and ridge gliding. Even cross country gliding is possible here.

Also known as Paraglider's paradise, Kamshet Pune has different cliffs ranging from 2200 feet (kondeshwar cliff) above the ground level or even the Shelar spot that is 175 ft above ground level. This is sure to tinkle the nerves of adventurous people who come for Kamshet Paragliding.

As the region of Kamshet is set in the backdrop of Western Ghats, the roads are mostly messy and bad. The Kamshet hotels and the Kamshet resorts on the other hand apart from providing paragliding opportunity to tourists also run the paragliding training courses and adventure tricks to attract the adventurist in you.

The Kamshet paragliding gives the view of plush paddy fields, sunflower gardens, quite lakes, high hills and the mind blowing greenery below. The Kamshet hotels and Kamshet resorts are available in plenty and have different budgets to suit everyone's pocket.

The traditional style house and the village background in and around the Western Ghats adorn the Kamshet region making it a memorable visit. People staying in twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala prefer to have their stay there and visit Kamshet purely for paragliding and other adventurous sports.

The nearest railhead is Lonavala from where one can hire a private vehicle to reach Kamshet. The nearest airport is the Pune airport at 60 kms distance and Kamshet is also well connected by roads between Mumbai - Pune highway.

The best season to visit this paradise is Jun to October when the monsoon sets off and the weather is awesome to bathe in the dew clad hills.

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