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Ladakh Adventure Tourism

Ladakh is the most sensitive part of Jammu Kashmir but is still the most preferred holiday destination in Jammu & Kashmir, India. Though most of the region in Ladakh is not open for tourists, the part that is available is also developed recently. To visit the north western region of ladakh, the non-Indians require exclusive permits.

The stories about Ladakh are many especially with the ever continuing disputes between India and Pakistan. Mostly, travel Ladakh tourists prefer to trek the snow clad mountains which require some physical fitness without which, you are not permitted for Ladakh trek.

The Ladakh tourism engulfs the chilling weather and getting accustomed to the high altitudes may take a day or two. A trek in Ladakh should include sufficient warm clothes, sunglasses, moisturizer, lotions, a water bottle and first aid kit for emergencies.

Water pollution is high in this place and it is advisable to carry own water or carry purification pills along for ladakh trek. The hospitals in Kargil are good and the Leh ladakh town which is the capital city has all the amenities right from hotels to resorts to internet connections. Though the telephone booths close by 10 PM, the communication channels are good.

The locals will give more information about Leh Ladakh than the Ladakh Tourism Department. They are the best source and a friendly gesture with them will get you all the information required. Being a small town, the Ladakh tourism will not get you to hi-end hotels or resorts that accept credit cards. Only cash is accepted since the Leh ladakh travel is pretty new and so is the banking system. Very few banks are available in and around Ladakh and Kargil.

While on trek in Ladakh one should ensure to preserve the environment and avoid littering around, less pollution and use of paper instead of plastic. Also, Ladakh tourism has some restrictions on photography. All areas are not open for photography, so the tourists have to be careful before clicking the camera.

Apart from Travel Ladakh, one can also Visit
  • The national park to have a sight of the wildlife.
  • Zanskar valley is a Buddhist monastery with stunning carvings and is an ancient kingdom which tells more about Ladakh.
  • Pangong Lake is amidst the colourful mountains with its reflections in the water making the Changla pass look more attractive and charming. On the way to Pangong Lake, one can also drop in to see the Thiksey Monastery which is known for its exquisite architecture
  • Nubrah valley was once considered to be on the Silk route and today it gives a picturesque view of the colourful mountains while on Leh Ladakh Travel.
  • Manali to Leh Ladakh is the best drive one can have for the life time. With no signs of life for some miles, the silent mountains and the drive along Rohtang pass, Nakee la and Tang lang la gives the serene peace of mind for travel buffs

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