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McLeod Ganj Adventure Tourism

McLeod Ganj Dharamsala or the Little Lasha is a place for divinity and meet people who took to saintly world by giving up earthly pleasures. Many of the hotels in mcleod ganj skiing have special tea and one can taste different types of herbal tea there most of the time which are otherwise unheard of. mcleod ganj himachal Pradesh got prominence since 14th Dalai Lama escaped from Tibetian Government and sought refuge in this place. Ever since, this place is considered as Holy for Buddhist learning and preaching.

Mcleod Ganj Dharamsala has an unpredictable weather with some cloud hovering over the sky and within a couple of hours one may get sunshine. The tourism is mushrooming in the area and is more or less like the Manali trekking. Hotels in Mcleod ganj skiing is meant for adventurous tourists who wish to explore the Himalayan ranges. The trekking may take about 5 hours and on the way the Mcleod Ganj hotels provide snacks/ breakfast along with a bag to collect trash on the way back. The environment conservation is being campaigned though some hardly care for that.

The St John's wilderness church at Mcleod ganj Himachal Pradesh is yet another tourist spot which gives an impression that this place is a mixture of many religions like Hindu, Christian and the Buddhists. The culture found here is mostly inspired by the Tibetans and minutely by the culture of India. The locals are very friendly and most of the information can be extracted about best travelling tips from them.

The main tourist attraction at McLeod Ganj is the Dalai Lama's Temple, Tsuglagkhang Temple, the Bhagsu waterfall and a few mesmerizing art galleries. The spirituality, divinity and salvation seem to be embedded in the environment there.

Hotel Mcleod ganj also have tour packages that take the tourists to the Triund which is a point located at about 9 kms from Dharamkot. The roads are bumpy on this way and hiring an auto rickshaw seems appropriate to many travelers. The Dhauladhar ranges can be viewed in its full bloom from the Triund point or from the Hanuman ka Tibba. One can also opt to stay in the tents available at Triund instead of McLeod ganj hotels, but the weather being s unpredictable, one can never be sure of the tents being blown away in a stormy night.

The best time to visit this place is between March to October. And by chance if the tourist happens to visit there in winter season, he is sure to get heavy discounts on Hotel Mcleod Ganj. Most of the tourists visiting here are backpackers who are adventurous bachelors coming for Manali trekking or the next prominent clan will be young students who surrender to Divinity and come to learn the Buddhist religion.

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