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Meghalaya Adventure Tourism

Shillong, Guwahati and Cherrapunji are some of the must visit places on a tour to Meghalaya. The tourists who travel here are sure to like everything about Meghalaya, be it the wild life or the rainy Cherrapunji or the Monuments & lakes at Guwahati. The 3 wild life sanctuaries and 2 national parks at Meghalaya support the variety of wild life both the animals/birds and flowers/ plants.

Shillong, the Scotland of the East can be reached by a travel of 3 hours from the nearest airport / railway station. The Umium Lake is placed majestically amongst the Sylvan Hills which gives the introduction to Meghlaya tourism. If one wishes to avoid the heavy rain falls and enjoy just the replica of Scotish Highlands, they should plan the Meghalaya tourism in Summer season only.

The rural tourism is viewed in its best phase at Mawlong where attempts are being made by the Meghalaya Tourism department to preserve the rural antiques and culture. This region is about half an hour drive from Shillong with the rural handicrafts, pot making and huts available all along the route. On the other hand, Nokrek and Balpakram are hilly areas covered by Sylvan Hills that have the best of Wild life in Meghalaya. Eco tourism is also being developed at Cherrapunji, the place that records highest rainfall in India. Cherrapunji needs little or no publicity as the tourism is high in this region. This is the most wet place in the world and no need to mention one can find many waterfalls here. The caves of Mawsmai can be explored after spending few hours at the waterfall named Nohkalikai. The Elephanta falls and Shillong peak are two other mystifying spots in Shillong.

The Don Bosco Monument and the Lake of Wards are the local tourist attraction in Guwahati. The monument stands as the witness to the glorious past of Assam Meghalaya. The silent ward's lake is amidst lush Green Park giving the complete colour of the nature.

The Light and sound show at Kalakshetra is an attraction here which is arranged by many Meghalaya travel agencies or even Meghalaya hotels that tell the story of Assam Meghalaya in a crip and grasping manner.

Rock climbing, trekking, hiking and water sports are some other attractions available which come on the top of the list when mentioning about Meghalaya. The water sports complexes at Umami Lake provide water sport facilities like the paddleboats, rowboats and the cruise boats to enjoy the peaceful water. Some also believe that the warm water springs at Jakrem and Mawsynram have Ayurvedic and medicinal properties which is known to cure certain illness.

Meghalaya hotels mostly provide the accessories to let new tourists to accustom to the weather change. The personal items which are advisable are the feather jackets, walking boots, torch light, cold cream, water bottles and sunglasses.

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