Some Tourist places in North India which are eternally popular

There is no dearth of tourist attractions in the northern part of India (or in any part of India, for that matter). One of the most notable tourist places in North India is Kashmir. Situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, this hill station has a lyrical quality about it. It has been the traditional favorite of our parents and grandparents and it still has that seductive charm to mesmerize even the modern-day couples. Its Dal Lake has an infallible reputation amongst love birds. The Shikara Ride and the romance it entails are second to none. Kashmir is also home to some pre-modern gardens like the Shalimar Bagh and the Nishat Bagh. They are rudiments of Mughal architecture and are almost as popular as the Dal Lake. Apart from the beautiful landscape, Kashmir also showers you with a deluge of sports. Areas like Gulmarg are exceptionally famous for skiing, zorbing and … Continue reading

Top destinations in India everyone must visit some day

India is a land of geographical and cultural diversity. This country, it is said, will never fail you, no matter how fussy a traveler you are. If you are looking for a spiritual destination, you will find ample number of them across the country. If you are pining for an adventure destination, India does have its fair share of them. If it is mountain or the sea which attracts you, there is certainly no dearth of them. In addition, India has some bizarre destinations too; some places which are either haunted or have an unsolved mystery attached to it (like the Roopkund Lake in northern India) or are famous for its food or culture. One of the top destinations in India is Goa. It is called as the beach capital of the country. It is a touristy place with Arabian Sea at its backyard and golden sand as its beach resident. When … Continue reading

Top places to visit in Goa: Check out the best beach, church and fort

Goa is right there at the top of the most popular and the most visited holiday destinations in India. When it comes to beaches, Goa clearly steers way ahead of its rivals and makes a unrivaled case for itself for the tag of India’s beach capital. Besides, the state has a battery of forts, churches and wildlife parks in addition to its ensemble of lakes and waterfalls. If you are not very wealthy, then Goa can still be your paradise. It is not that the attractions in this state are all expensive. Once you have managed your accommodation, everything else can be easily negotiated. The beaches, for instance, do not cost you anything, unless you opt for water sports. Even the water sports can be haggled at times. Still, it is best to travel to the state during the off season when the prices of all the games would be relatively low. … Continue reading

4 quirky things everyone loves about Dubai

Dubai is the city which has always raised eyebrows. On more than one occasion will it cause you to almost shudder! It becomes intensely horrifying to realize that there is this place in the world, not far from India, where human engineering knows no limits. It is as if Dubai is a cut-off town, an alien place which has just been thrown from the space onto the Earth. The place already has plenty of records to its names. So, Dubai honeymoon package does not require much effort to find takers. The mere mention of this destination is appealing enough to send prospective honeymooners in a gleeful tizzy. Without teasing the imaginations of the readers further, let us take a plunge into the promised list of four quirky things everyone loves about this place: You can reach the top of the artificial world: The natural highest point on Earth is Mount Everest (of … Continue reading

5 things to take care of when travelling solo!

5 things to take care of when travelling solo! Travelling solo even for a week can teach you far many lessons you have learned till now. Waiting for someone since a long time to take you to your favourite destination is not just frustrating but also boring. Solo travelling has its own charm.It teaches you how to embrace solitude, appreciate the small things in life and instills more confidence in you to fight even the tough situations with wisdom. More and more people are now travelling alone, thanks to abundance of facilities available at one click only. However there are still many precautions which should be exercised by people who travel solo to enjoy a joyous vacation without falling in a pit of serious trouble.Here are 5tips for you to travel carefully: 1) Research – While it’s cool to take on a spontaneous journey without having much information on hand for your … Continue reading

5 Best Travel Guidebooks for Those Traveling in India

Even though there has been a spurt in digital books and apps for wannabe travelers, the truth is that there are a lot of people who still swear by the traditional method of carrying paperback volumes. So, there are many who would rather leaf through pages of a heavy book than peer into the screen of their smartphones and tablets. India being a diverse and huge country that it is requires a tourist to be armed with some good guidebooks. A smart guidebook can help you to get the best experience and also to choose the destination carefully. So, here are the 5 best travel guidebooks for those traveling in India: Lonely Planet India: Without a doubt, the most popular travel guide book for India is Lonely Planet India. This is a voluminous copy which comes at a price of nearly Rs 1300. However, apart from its glossy cover pic and some … Continue reading

Tourist Places in Ooty nobody misses out on

Ooty is a hill station nested in the southern part of India. If you have only heard about the Nilgiri Mountains till now, then it is time that you see it. The beauty of this place will fill you up with a deluge of heaving emotions. Ooty is quiet, serene and poetic. It is as if God was in the mood to write lyrics one day. So, he picked up his pen and conjured this charming town. The lyrical Ooty is ironically indescribable in mere words. It is the sheer natural joy which you experience while stepping foot on this place that you feel compelled to return again and again. Some of the popular tourist places in Ooty are: Ooty Lake: This lake is very famous, not just because it is a beautiful stretch of water body or not just because it offers paddle boating, but more so because it is quaint … Continue reading

Favorite Tourist Places near Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has piled up plenty of attractions and beaches for a first time tourist. However, there are a number of tourist places near Chennai. They are equally delightful and extend over all genres including nature, history and spiritualism. Let us take a brief look: Mahabalipuram: Mahabalipuram is one of the closest tourist attractions near Chennai. At just 54 km, it can be reached in barely one hour. It is a place which can be visited by the entire family since it has a potpourri of attractions. Apart from its famous temples, it boasts of fabulous beaches and some heritage spots and historic caves. Tirupati: Tirupati is the state of Andhra Pradesh but is reachable in around 2.5 hours. It is one of the biggest pilgrim destinations in the country and is widely known for its Tirumala Temple. Tourists and locals looking for a religious attraction around Chennai … Continue reading

Mumbai Nightlife: Experience the local charm at Marine Drive and Chowpatty

Some say that Mumbai nightlife has lost a bit of zing after the court introduced a ban on bar girls. However, to be honest, the ban has only helped the nightlife to grow since it has erased the murk and corruption to quite an extent. Now with cleaner environment, the nightlife of the city draws a cosmopolitan crowd with tourists of all ages and cultures shaking a leg together or gulping down a few extra pegs. Shiro, The Comedy Store, Breeze bar Powai, The Eau Bar, Hawaiian Shack, Enigma and 21 Fahrenheit Ice Lounge are some of the most popular night spots in the city. But if you are looking for something that has the local flavor, then you should head to the Marine Drive especially on a weekend night. Saturday, some say, is the best day of the week to spend a few lazy hours during the late evening at the … Continue reading

Best place for Honeymoon in India: Kerala, Goa or Kashmir

India is a great place when it comes to honeymooning. The reason behind the statement is the fact that the country is diverse and has all kinds of attractions and weather pattern. From the deserts of Rajasthan to the beaches of Goa to the historic charm of Mysore to the spiritualism of Kashmir, the country is counted amongst the best when it comes to honeymooning. Kerala is often hailed as the best place for honeymoon in India. This state is small and quiet. Having an isolated location around the backwaters, it takes you to a world which is literally away from the cacophony of your familiar cities. From the houseboat rides on the lagoons to the elephant rides in the wildlife parks, you will cherish most of your moments spent in this destination. In addition, there are beaches and forts. Plus, if you do not mind a dash of Ayurvedic spa, then … Continue reading