Major Tourist Attractions in Jaipur

A golden triangle tour with Rajasthan should help you to spend some time in Jaipur which sprawls handsomely and encapsulates plenty of landmarks and attractions. While some of them are underrated, there are others that may not live up to your full expectations. Amazingly, a few less talked-about attractions may make you euphoric only if you care to check them out.

Here is a quick gist:

Albert Hall Museum: Though it is quite famous as an attraction, there are many who give it a skip thinking it to be just another museum. But the fact that it has a real mummy, authentic Mughal coins and weapons from medieval era make it a surprisingly great destination.

Jaigarh Fort: Jaigarh Fort, at times, gets dwarfed by the name and fame of Amber Fort. But its USP lies in its view which is totally mind-boggling. The fort sits on the top a hill and the journey up and down the slope is another heart-pulsating thing. Plus, this fort houses India’s largest cannonball weapon which needs to be seen to be believed.

Jaigarh Fort

Jaipur Zoo: The usual notion is that why to visit a local zoo which is available in almost every city? However, despite its inherent managerial problems, Jaipur zoo provides a balm to the eyes and the sheer presence of tigers, leopards, bear and the crocodiles make it a worthwhile venue.

Hawa Mahal: Its popularity has declined as many say that there is nothing to do there. But for a photographer, the place is a must-see. Also, its ambiance deserves more footfalls.

With 10 days golden triangle tour, you can cover all these attractions and also check out the prominent landmarks of Delhi and Agra.

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