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Badami Cave Temples Karnataka

The Badami cave temples are a complex of temples carved out of sandstone and proudly depicting the finesse of Indian rock-cut architecture. Badami Karnataka is a famous place of pilgrimage in South India featuring four rock-cut shrines. Badami tourism attracts a lot of visitors every year from far and wide.

Both pilgrims and history lovers throng this place where divinity and fine architecture co-exist since the Chalukyan era. The Badami Temple dates back to 600 A.D and the architectural style is a blend of Nagara and the Dravidian architecture.
The Badami caves can be classified into four parts, while the first one is dedicated to Lord Shiva, second and third are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the last one is dedicated to Jain Mahavir. The specialty of the Lord Mahavir statue here is that He is depicted in a sitting position. There is a fifth cave dedicated to Lord Buddha, which can be entered only by crawling. The four Badami Cave Temples are adorned with exquisite carvings, beautiful murals and wonderful sculpture.

The inscriptions on the walls of the Badami Temples are in primitive Kannada and are of high historical importance. The earliest of the inscription is dated 543 C.E during the rule of Chalukyas, who made Badami their capital.

Some of the exquisite features of Badami caves are mortarless assembly, low, long, and narrow corridors; flat roofs over many-columned halls, richly-carved ceilings and sculptures that consist of large major images.

The awesome fact about Badami is that this place retained its charm and uniqueness despite being under the possession of various dynasties such as the Rashtrakutas, Vijayanagara dynasty, the Savnur Nawabs, Adilshah clan, the Marathas, Hyder Ali and the British until it was annexed under the Karnataka state in the Indian republic.
Badami tourism is a major contributor to the development of tourism in Karnataka together with nearby places such as Aihole, Pattadkal and Bijapur. The other nearby places to visit includes Badami archaeological museum, Badami Fort and the Malegitti Shiva temple inside the fort. The Agasthya Tirtha is a lake at the foothills of the cave temples. The most famous fable about Badami is that Sage Agasthya visited this place and put an end to the atrocities of two demons Ilvalan and Vatapi. The two hills in Badami now are supposed to be these two demons and with this fable the lake became famous as Agasthya Tirtha. This lake is believed to possess super healing powers.

Belgaum (150 kms) is the nearest airport while Badami has a railway station of the same name. It is around 550 kms from the state capital Bangalore. Badami Karnataka is well connected by road and public transport system from all the important cities in the state.

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