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Nalanda Bihar

The word Nalanda today associates with one of the ancient learning Centre in India. During the rule of Harsha Dynasty in 5th Century, the fame of Nalanda reached across seven seas beyond Asia and Europe.

The history of Nalanda, which is found today, is written by Hiuen-Tsang a Chinese traveler who came to India for learning and was mesmerized by its many facilities which were not available in any other university in the 5th Century.
The Nalanda Bihar University housed over 10 thousand students with over 9 storeys building with and had about 2000 teachers. It was a great research centre also having large library. Under the Pala rule also, this University gained recognition. After a period of time, the university became a learning centre for Buddhism where the purity of monastic life was studied in detail. The history of Nalanda is explained by Hiuen Tsang that it was first of its kind, a large residential University where students did not have to pay donations/ fee.

The learning was free of cost and the administration was run with huge donations received from the rulers or the rich of the region. The rules were tough and had to be obeyed at any cost by the students. The university was guided by the principle of excellence and practical knowledge which were intellectually challenging to the students. The University had experienced scholars teaching fine arts, medicine, mathematics, war tactics and politics amongst religious procedures of B

uddhist culture. Today Nalanda Bihar is a UNESCO recognized World Heritage site. Some of the hotels in Nalanda are converted from the heritage buildings to 5-star hotels to preserve the remnants of the historical buildings.
The Government of India is striving to renovate the Nalanda Bihar and rebuilt the old university. The university would be run with public private partnership model. Several nations like Singapore, China and Japan showed interest in funding the renovation of the University. The aim behind is to revive the Buddhist circuit which would go a long way in enhancing the tourism in the Nalanda Bihar.

In the south India, there is another Nalanda which is also a learning centre. It is located in Vijayawada in the State of Andhra Pradesh. This is affiliated to the many well known Universities. It is believed that any child goes to Nalanda Vijayawada to the Kinder Garden is sure to come out as a qualified person. This University has schools and colleges right from Kinder Garden to medical colleges to engineering colleges.

Hotels in Nalanda Bihar or Nalanda Vijayawada are located in and around the university to facilitate food and other basic amenities to the students there. The tourists also prefer to stay near the University sites to relive the moments spent by great historians there.

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