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Neemrana Fort

The name Neemrana is derived from the name of local chief Nimola Meo who was defeated by the Chauhans and pleaded that his fort be named after him in memory of his lost kingdom. The magnificent neemrana fort Gurgaon is located in Alwar on the Highway of Delhi- Jaipur. This is a famous tourist spot in Neemrana town, as it is located on a hill top which enables the visitors to have a view of the surrounding beauty.
The fort Neemrana is sure to take the visitor to a different world altogether with its antique infrastructure and captivating paintings. This is one of those heritage buildings which are converted into a 5 star hotel. The fort was taken over by the British Raj and thereafter restored in 1864 which had only memories of the glorious past. Since then painstaking efforts are being made to retain the old neemrana fort jaipur in proper shape. The fort hotel is lesser known to people who do not have interest in forts and palaces.

For adventurous people, Zippers are arranged for trekking around the fort Neemrana and the nearby hilly regions. One might not find classy food except at the hotel itself. The hotel has got all the amenities like spa, open swimming pool, restaurant and many more. The hotel can accommodate more than 150 guests at a time and is also a wonderful place for wedding or similar get together parties. The area around the fort is usually barren during non-rainy season and slippery during the monsoon.

A few minutes of 150 kms from Neemrana fort takes one to Kesroli which is nearby to Delhi too, which is an ideal spot to explore the many beauties of Rajasthan. The history of Neemrana fort dates back to Mahabharata times when Pandavas were believed to have spent their last year of exile. Also noted tourist spots around neemrana fort gurgaon include the Statue of Hanuman, memorials of Talavriksha and Bhartrihari. The artistic step wells attract the tourists instantly.
Of late, the Japanese industrialists have made their presence in Neemrana town which is visible from the Japanese Zone in Majarkanth. This zone is not only industrializing the town but is also successful in creating employment opportunities in the areas near Neemrana Fort Jaipur. Also seen are the factories of Parle and Top Ramen.

Being in the nearest proximity to National Capital Region (NCR) Neemrana fort Delhi has the advantage of having a bright future apart from being a tourist attraction spot and an automobile hub in the country. Being so closely located to Jaipur, Rajasthan and Delhi, the Neemrana Fort Delhi fort attracts many one-day tourists who walk in over a weekend to chill out form the regular life of the city.

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