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Kodaikanal The Princess of Hill Stations in India

Kodaikanal, a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu is known as the Princess of hill stations. When one thinks about Kodaikanal, the first thing that strikes the mind is greenery in various shades. Also Kodaikanal tourism is also famous as a honeymoon destination. Couples generally fall in love with the majestic hills, cascading waterfalls, wide-spread fruit orchids, forests enrich in flora and fauna and the overall ethereal charm to the hill resort.
The hill station of Kodaikanal was created to serve the needs of the British and Europeans in India. Later on the hill station became popular and tourists from across the globe come here for a holiday to enjoy its charm and beauty and to harness its natural wealth for development.

Kodaikanal means gift of the forest in local language and when one comes for a Kodaikanal travel, they can find dense forests full of trees, huge rocks in the wilderness and enchanting waterfalls. Not just greenery at its best, Kodaikanal tourism is also famous for eucalyptus oil, homemade chocolates, plums and pears. When one talks about Kodaikanal how can one forget the famous kurinji - flowers, which blossoms only once in twelve years.

When one plans for a Kodaikanal travel, it is important to plan a detailed itinerary. Kodaikanal tourism is dotted with many attractions and that's why you need to have an idea about Kodaikanal best attractions and sight seeing options. When it comes to top attractions, Star Shaped Lake is the first name that clicks the mind. Covering an area of 24 hectares, Star Shaped Lake is beautifully landscaped where tourists can enjoy boating and plan a picnic here. Other famous Kodaikanal attractions include the Flora & Fauna Museum where one can see 300 species of orchids, Bryant Park which is famous for its celebrations of annual horticulture show, Coaker's Walk from where tourists can have magnificent view of valley, Kurinji Andavar Temple which is a holy shrine dedicated to Lord Murugaon, Fairy Falls which is a popular waterfall in the hill resort, Astrophysical Observatory which was built in 1889 to name a few. Amongst Kodaikanal attractions, Mother Theresa University must also be mentioned. This is India's one and only women's university. During a Kodaikanal travel, tourists can indulge in various adventurous activities too such as cycling, horse riding, boating, and trekking and so on.
As Kodaikanal town is very small and most of the Kodaikanal attractions within close proximity, tourism can walk around and enjoy the beautiful town. Cars and buses are available but the charm of exploring the best of Kodaikanal tourism through walking is an experience in itself.

About Kodaikanal climate it is pleasant weather throughout the year, however, the best time to plan for a Kodaikanal travel is from April to June and again from September to October.

Kodaikanal has a bracing climate where temperature does not vary much from summer to winter. So you can plan for a Kodaikanal travel during any time of the year. Kodaikanal tourism offers excellent accommodation facilities to the visitors. You can be sure that any hotels in Kodaikanal offer great services and facilities.

With its temperate, climate and an average of 12 hours sun every day, Kodaikanal always attracts people who want to get away from the heat and haze of the dusty plains during the summer months. So, when are you coming for a holiday in Kodaikana?

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