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Amarnath Yatra

If you are planning to go for an Amarnath yatra, then there are certain issues you would have to bear in mind. It is a difficult pilgrim trip and one which necessitates careful planning and certain mandatory precautions. First of all, you would need to apply for an Amarnath yatra registration so that the officials can enlist your name in their register of pilgrims. Getting a registration is the easiest of all tasks since you just need to go online for the process. It is convenient, time-saving and free from hassles.
But you must equip yourself with certain things while going for the yatra itself. So, before you begin your sojourn, just make sure that you have packed all these things:

Woolen clothes: Amarnath shrine is located in a mountain and at a height which is high enough and cold enough to make your teeth rattle. The wind can often turn hostile. So, you must bring enough woolens to keep yourself warm during such situations. This is one region where the temperature can also fluctuate very fast. It may be reasonably warm during the noon but can turn icily cold after sunset. So, carry warm dresses and pullovers for each member of the family.

Rain gears: Amarnath yatra season (June-October) is also the monsoon time and so rains are common occurrences. From mild rain to heavy downpour, you can expect anything! It is best to carry protective rain gears like raincoats and non-slippery shoes to safeguard yourself during the time.

Right kind of shoes: You must not bring those slippery shoes or those plastic flip flops or hawai chappals. During the wet weather, they can turn slippery and unfriendly. Besides, you will need to trek a lot over the steep and relentlessly long stretches of land. It is advisable to carry good pair of sport shoes or trekking shoes.
Nuts and almonds: When you would trek and travel, you shall be away from your inns for long hours. You cannot expect to find restaurants in the trekking regions which are wild and untamed. It would be best to fill up your pockets with almonds and nuts to overcome the pangs of hunger and weariness. You can even pop them while journeying to amarnath yatra by helicopter.

Rope and flashlight: A flashlight or torch can come handy during the cloudy day and after the sunsets. Who knows you may get lost or isolated from the group after dusk? Besides, a rope can come in useful during some unforeseeable situations. In any case, it is best to carry them. Also, look out for amarnath yatra packages to get the best advice from the tour planners.

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