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Navagraha sthalas: Visit the nine sacred temples of planets

Navagraha sthalas refers to a sacred site which is home to nine planets in the symbolic sense. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, this auspicious site enjoys high popularity amongst both tourists and pilgrims. If you ever happen to be on a trip to Chennai, then do make sure to visit this site which is easily reachable from the capital city! It is said that those who visit navagraha sthalas get relief from their mundane anxieties since their planetary alignments get corrected. So, if you have a firm belief in planetary arrangement and in its effect on your fortunes, then this place is definitely recommendable to you.
There are nine sthalas and each one symbolically represents a planet! The nine sites are manifested in the form of nine temples spread in various parts of the city of Kumbakonam. It is owing to the presence of these 9 temples that this town has become one of the most visited places in the state! Besides the religious exuberance, these sites also enjoy scenic beauty! So, you can satiate your eyes on both spiritual and panoramic offerings.

When to visit: Though, one can visit navagraha sthalas round the year, the best time to visit would be during the cooler months between October and March. It stays pleasant during this time of the year and draws maximum number of visitors during this time.

How to reach: Navagraha sthalas can be reached easily from any city or town in the vicinity. Chennai is the nearest metro city lying at a distance of around 307 km. From Chennai, you can arrive by bus, car or cab. You can also travel from Bangalore (400 km) or from Hyderabad (873 km).
Within the town, there are good facilities for transport and accommodation! You can stay in good hotels or cheap lodges and eat at restaurants, hotels or small eateries! There are tour packages too which are available round the year for the tourist's convenience!

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