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Sravanabelagola- A Jain pilgrim destination noted for its monolith statue

Situated in the state of Karnataka in south India, Sravanabelagola is a famous Jain pilgrim destination and a popular tourist attraction. It is renowned for its huge monolith statue belonging to the divine Saint Gomateswara. This bahubali statue is the prime draw for most pilgrims and its stupendous height (17 m) and build is extremely attractive to the eye. You can Google its pictures to know the sheer scale of its reputation. It is a naked statue which is also in congruity to the principles of Jainism. The religious gurus of Jainism believed that the sky is the natural clothing and one does not need to drape a fabric to protect his modesty or against climatic adversity. So, they spent their lives without wearing any garment.
How to reach: In order to reach Sravanabelagola, you can travel to Hassan which is the nearest town. From Hassan, the temple is just 49 km away and can be easily reached through road in around an hour. The site is also close to cities like Mysore (80 km) and Bangalore (150 km). So, you can also journey by car or cab through these cities.

If you are planning to fly, then the nearest airport would be the one at Bangalore. From Bangalore, you can hail a car or cab.

If you would like to travel by train, then it would be best to get down at the railway station at Hassan. From there, you can easily get a vehicle that will drop you to the temple.

What to see: Apart from the giant statue of Bahubali, you can also check out a number of other attractions. Temples like Chandragiri, Jaina Math, Bhandaribasadi and Akkanabasadi are extremely popular and often visited by pilgrims. Kalamma Temple and Vindhyagiri Temple must also be checked.
Though, it is very easy to reach Sravanabelagola, you should book an online package to ease out the travails of staying and sightseeing. There are good hotels in the region and perfect facilities for vegetarian food.

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