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Vaishno Devi Yatra

Vaishno Devi shrine in the state of Jammu & Kashmir serves as one of the biggest lures to pilgrims and religious people. Hindus from all over India make sure to pay visit to the Devi at least once during their lifetime. The reputation of the shrine is so high that even foreign tourists make a beeline to this destination. Though the shrine is located at the upper slopes of the Himalayas and is not that easy to access, it is still one of the most visited pilgrim destinations in the country. In fact, the thrill and ecstasy which you experience on visiting this site is so high that you would definitely forget all the hurdles which you had to overcome while traveling. So, if you still haven't visited the place, then a Vaishno Devi tour should be on the cards this season.
When to visit: The site is reachable throughout the year and you are free to come over during any time you prefer. However, from the climatic point of view, the best time to visit Vaishno Devi is during the warmer months of March-October. The summer season is pretty warm and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 5 degree to 40 degree in extremes. Winter can turn a bit cold at times and the temperatures often drop below the freezing point. So, if you are traveling during December-February, then make sure to carry all your woolens and even some extra clothing.

How to reach: One can reach Jammu through train and from there you can board a helicopter. Vaishno Devi helicopter online booking facilities are offered throughout the year to potential tourists at nominal rates. The nearest town is Katra where travelers usually book hotels and guest houses for accommodation. Katra is also a lovely hill station and has some amazing landscapes to offer to your visual organs.

What to see: Your Vaishno Devi tour is going to take you to the 'darbaar of Mata'. But apart from visiting the shrine of Devi, you can also visit other nearby temples like the Raghunath Mandir which has been built in homage to Lord Rama. Besides, tourists going for the pilgrim Yatra often drop by at nearby panoramic towns of Srinagar and Gulmarg. It is very convenient to couple your spiritual trip with a sightseeing holiday.
In order to buy Vaishno Devi package and to make a Vaishno Devi helicopter booking, you are requested to browse through all the available packages from websites. It is best to take assistance of professional tour planners since the journey to the door of Goddess won't be that easy!

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