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Hampi Karnataka

A pleasant place and an excellent venue for weekend getaway is the prime thing about Hampi. The erstwhile capital of the kingdom of Vijayanagara, Hampi Karnataka is a hub of architecture and temple building. Geographically, the river Tungabhadra cuts this town into two equal halves and the only link is either the ferrys or the boats or a roundabout trip via the road over the dam. The route via dam is about 30 miles which can be crossed with a auto rickshaw. The route is quite exciting as the vehicle drives the tourist via small villages, paddy fields and lush greenery. Double storey buildings or malls are not seen anywhere, and one can be assured that the trip to hampi Karnataka is simply a village –led tour bundled with peace and soothing natural environment. It is very difficult to find 5 star hotels hampi as the tourism is very low in this place. The guest house is usually closed except when pre booked through the travel agents. A typical backpacker's destination, Hampi Karnataka is a quaint place with paddy fields all around and a great view of the river.
The temples in hampi are mostly in ruins today and what one can see is the remnants of the Vijayanagara Empire after they were destroyed by the Mughal Sultanates. One the tourists can only travel back in time and wonder what kind of life the people could have led in those times. The Virupaksha Temple with pillared halls, monolithic statues of Lord Ganesha, the stepped tank or the Pushkarni are some of the temples that reflect the religious mind set of the Vijayanagara Kingdom, not to mention the 100 odd small temples now in ruins. The Hampi Bazar, the Vithala Temple with musical pillars and the stone chariot, Elephant Stables and the Lotus Mahal are some other places of tourist interest in Hampi Karnataka. The amazing rock structures will leave the tourists wonder how the labours of those days managed to put together those heavy stoned together without machinery or cranes at their disposal.

Overall, there are huge volumes of history that one can explore in Hampi Karnataka. The pre-Cambrian rock structures can also be seen as part of hampi tourism. The interesting bit about Hampi is that people worship the temple of Hanuman atop Anjaneyadri hill, which is considered as the birth place of Lord Hanuman.
The hotels Hampi boast of international cuisines at domestic rates. Imagine a Pizza at Rs 100/- But to taste this domestic rated pizza, one should check the tourist season, or or else, you may find an empty kitchen. The best time to visit this place is after November and before February. The town of Hampi is well connected by road and rail to all major cities in Karnataka.

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