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Havelock Island Andaman Islands

Havelock Islands Andaman is the largest islands and is located on the East of Andaman Islands. The Andaman Islands Havelock gets its name from the British General, Henry Havelock. The havelock andaman islands escaped the earthquake and resultant tsunami in 2004 and there were no casualties reported. Havelock Islands Andaman is permitted to encourage eco-tourism.
The trip to Havelock Islands is full of beaches and a site seeing to the 5 nearby villages. Most of the population of Havelock Islands Andaman Islands comprises of Bengali settlers. The best Beach in Asia, the Radha Nagar beach is situated in Havelock Islands Andaman. This beach is enriched with a wide variety of flora and fauna and offers a soothing environment to the tourists. Other beaches worth visiting in Andaman Islands Havelock are the Vijaynagar Beach, the Elephant Beach and the Beach No 1 and 3 on the east Coast.

The tourists to Havelock islands Andaman can explore snorkeling with a variety of small reef fish, parrot fish and the snappers. The Havelock island Andaman Islands is a place like nowhere else in the world. The culture here is a combination of the South east Asian influence, the British, Indian and tribal cultures.

While at Havelock Andaman Islands, one cannot miss out on the sunrise. The tourist may have to put in extra efforts to wake up at early dawn which the soothing nature will not allow. Once up from the bed, the tourists run near the beaches to have a glimpse of the sunrise. Many tourists at Havelock Andaman Islands get disappointed when the sky does not put up a show and the clouds rule the sky. But for those lucky people, the sun rises with utmost beauty and the water underneath gets on fire. Scuba Diving and Fishing are other extracurricular activities that the tourists can try out while waiting for the awesome scene at sunset.
The glass bottom boats are the special boats on Havelock islands. As sun gets hotter during the day, the glass bottom boats offer a ride to see the underwater marine life. The food is mostly marine food and the tourists will have little choice with vegetarian food. The deck chairs on the shores of the beach that gives the tourists time to enjoy the cool breeze by the sea and the delicious food in the plates.

At wandoor beach, one can explore the crocodile reserve. The takeaways from Andaman Islands Havelock Islands are the monkey carved of coconut, corals and pearls. Havelock islands are usually included in the travel package and the nearest Airport is the Port Blair airport and the havelock islands can be reached by sea either from Kolkata or the Visakhapatnam Beach.

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