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Leh Ladakh

The Capital City of Ladakh, leh tourism offers a different kind of vacation. The rough landscapes and the high altitude is not advisable for faint heart tourists. Monasteries, the towering mountains and the snow clad landscapes are the highlights about Leh ladakh. The locals are the best source to get information about Leh.

Located in the Indus river valley, leh Ladakh is a small town easily accessible on foot. The mud brick houses and the narrow lanes coupled with the altitude is sure to make one sick of the environment for the first couple of days. Once adjusted, this bustling tourist town has stories of the past about Leh Ladakh. Prior to India China War in 1962, leh ladakh was a major trading point in Kashmir, and of late, post India Pakistan war in 1999, the Manali Leh highway opened up new avenues for trade in and around Leh.
Not only this, one can observe the roots of the Indus valley civilization which is of historic prominence when mentioning about Leh. Hotels in Leh are quite affordable. More than the Leh accommodations, tourists coming to Leh opt for a day stay at hotels en-route Leh. Near Kargi, Khardungla Pass and the Siachen Battle field, there are a number of hotels that provide Leh accommodation.

Once comfortable at hotels in Leh, the tourist can check for the various adventure sports or simply relax in the laps of the nature. Surprisingly, there are very few tourist spots in and around Leh Ladakh. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Soma Gompa are two Buddhist temples woth a visit. The former Palace of King of Ladakh, a small mosque, the Shanti Stupa and the Pangong Lake are some miscellaneous spots worth tourist interest arranged by the hotels in leh. White water rafting and trekking are two distinct adventure sports for the adventure freak guests residing at hotels in Leh.
Jeep, Bus, aero plane, rail and truck are the various modes of transport to access Leh ladhak from different parts of India. The safest route is the flight and the risky one is the motorcycle. The narrow roads and the army checks at every other bed of the road, not to mention the dangerous snow falls that block the route ahead, are some of the hurdles that restrict the access to Leh by road. The route from Manali till Leh takes about two days by road and requires taking a break at a nearby lodge or dormitory on the route. In brief, the travel to Leh ladakh is a life time experience especially when one goes on an adventure tour and also to visit the many Buddhist Monasteries. This place is secluded from the rest of the world in terms of development and tourism, and is a small town without much to boast about except the past Indus valley Civilisation.

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