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Mysore Karnataka

Mysore tour is one of the popular travel options in South India that attracts tourists from all over the world. Also, called as the temple city of India, travel to Mysore is blessed with temples, gardens and royal palaces. The ancient charm about Mysore lies in the several institutions that propagate Carnatic music even today and the dance that attract every tourist. The Mysore tour is incomplete without a visit to the Jayalakshmi Villas, Chamundi Hills, Brindavan Gardens, the Mysore Palace and the Jaganmohan Art gallery. The Art, music and architecture are the three aspects that draw regular tourists to travel to Mysore.
Silk, ivory and sandalwood are the highlights of the city of Mysore Karnataka. People shop crazily for these items especially the sandalwood dipped oil perfumes. The hotels in Mysore are usually full during the festivals and fairs. An advance planning to experience these festivals and fairs is a must to avoid chaos in finding accommodation Mysore.

There are a number of travel agents with packages providing an opportunity to the enthusiasts to explore the historical traditions and the natural scenic beauty which is best experienced than writing down about Mysore.

The hotels in Mysore are abundant and accommodation Mysore can be found anywhere, be it near the attractions, or near the beautiful palaces, or religious temples, exquisite landscapes and even in and around the vibrant festive celebrations where one can also shop for colourful craft items. Mysore Karnataka derives its name from the Demon King Mahishasura who was killed by Goddess Chamundi.

Mysore Palace also known as the Amba Vilas is a reflection of the Indo Sarcenic architecture style of construction and the indoors of the palace reminds one of the famous Hoysala style. The Brindavan Gardens is the No 1 acknowledged tourist attractions in Mysore. The locals of Mysore Karnataka take pride in the variety of show in the garden which also includes few small parks. Boat riding, musical fountains, biological study centres are some of the highlights about this Garden. The tourists can opt for accommodation Mysore near the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam located just right above this garden.
Jaganmohan Palace is yet another tourist attraction in Mysore Karnataka. Stained in glass blinds, this palace is completely built in Hindu style of architecture.

Chamundi Hills is full of regular elevations and from atop this hill, the tourists can view the spectacular scene of the city of Mysore. The nights of Deepavali is best captured from the top of this hill.

The food available at hotels in Mysore definitely sparkle the taste buds in every one. Especially the Idli, Dosa and the Bisibele bath are the special cuisines that emerged from this part of South India and there are also non vegetarian alternatives.

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