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Wayanad Kerala

Wayanad is a tiny district located on the borders of the State of Kerala. Wayanad tourism is especially famous for the natural abundance of the hills and valleys that attract the nature lovers. The adventure lovers find solace in the trekking routes found in Wayanad tourism. Located at an altitude of 700-210 metres above the sea level, Wayanad Kerala is abundant with lofty ridges, the waterfalls, the beautiful sceneries, awesome climate, Ayurveda and spas, lush green vegetation and a variety of Wildlife. Wayanad is also a part of Biosphere reserves of India of the World UNESCO network. The unique geographical location of Wayanad makes it a sought after destination for honeymooners and adventure tourism. Tea estates and coffee plantations that extend to acres in area is another highlight that attracts the Wayanad tourist. The Wayanad tourist is offered a wide range of Wayanad tourism package from travel agents. Each travel package is customized to spend the days at Wayanad in absolute comfort and privacy.
Wayanad Kerala comprises of many hotels catering to the different needs of the tourists. Finding accommodation in resorts Wayanad is not a tough task; neither will budget be a problem. Some of the resorts Wayanad are found at Old Vythiri, Edakkal Hermitage, and Woodlands hotel and so on.

The Edakkal Caves and the Shopping arcade are places that can be explored by the tourists along with the spectacular view of the scenery all around. The best part about Wayanad is that the people are hospitable and they also organize treks for the adventurists. Mid way, if the tourist changes his mind, the guide will immediately show the shortcut route back to the resorts. Guest houses and lodges are other options available for accommodation for a Wayanad tourist.

The wayanad tourism is especially meant to enjoy a life free of the hustling life in the cities. Some of the resorts Wayanad do not have a cell phone tower, not even newspapers are sold. In a way, this Fringe Ford's resort is cut off from the rest of the world.

Wayanad tourism also comprises of a visit to the places like the Meenmutty falls, Thirunelli temple, Edakkal Caves, Pookode Lake, Wildlife Sanctuaries, pallikunnu Church and the Varambatta Mosque.
The resorts Wayanad mostly serve the organic food grown in the farm which is a highlight about Wayanad. The lip smacking homely food is a combination of veg and non-veg curries. One cannot expect multi cuisines here. Only a one time meal is decided and cooked for the tourists. Made of coconut milk and plantation, the Wayanad Kerala food gives the taste one may never have experienced. The tree huts are located near the towns of Panamaram and the Nadavayal making you to live close to the nature like never before.

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