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Assam Travel Guide

Assam is a North Eastern State and having a subtropical climate with a number of dense forests. The dense forests host many wild life sanctuaries and rare species of animals. Read on to know more about Assam Attractions. The cultural heritage is derived from the Ahom dynasty that ruled this region for many centuries.
Assam Travel Information: Brahmaputra is the only male river throughout India and is the only source for fresh water in the region. The cruise facility in this River is major Assam travel information. Majuli is the island on this River which is one of the largest ones in South Asia. Kaziranga National park: this is the main habitat for one horned Rhinoceros. Apart from this, the Assam sightseeing includes other National parks like the Orang and the Nameri. Tezpur is yet another major inclusion in Assam Travel guide famous for its Usha Pahar, Mahabhairav Temple and the Agnigarh. Sivasagar: a well known Assam tourism seat for culture and heritage. The prominent places of visit are the Talatal ghar, Kareng ghar and the Sivadol.
Dibrughar: the gateway to Nagaland, Dibrugarh is also a business hub in Assam travel information. The place is famous for the palace ruins and temples. Assam Attractions: The natural landscapes are prominent in Assam sightseeing. Also one can see the wild life, National parks and the Bird sanctuaries apart from the archeological museums. The Hajo Archaeological region is a centre for Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists religions. The region has many temples and sacred places. Hayagriva temple, Ganesha temple and the Kedareshwara temples are the prominent Assam attractions which date back to 18th century. For Muslims, this Hajo region houses the Poa Mecca that has the sanctities of Mecca Masjid and is hence sacred to Muslim tourists. Sibsagar Archaeological region is well known Assam tourism region for the ancient monuments of the Ahom dynasty. Cahraideo: the tombs and the architecture of the Ahom dynasty rulers resemble the pyramids of the Egypt and hence is a prominent inclusion in Assam sightseeing. Assam Travel Guide: The Assam sightseeing apart from the ones listed above attracts the adventure freaks with the Angling and river cruise. The Jia Bhoroli and Manas rivers are known for the angling sport that is held annually as competition. River cruise amidst the high hills and the calm rivers offer the best cruise experience from Dhubri and Ninging River rafting is a must inclusion in Assam travel guide that is liked by every tourist irrespective of the age. The rapids of the rivers ignite the adventure persona within the tourists. Mountaineering and trekking in the north of Karbi hills and Cachar hills is prominent adventure aspect in Assam travel information Playing golf in the Assam tea gardens is a favourite sport for old and young tourists alike. Hang gliding, Mountain biking, rope ways and Para sailing are some other attractions that have mention int eh Assam travel guide. The Assam travel information is incomplete without mention of Assam black tea. Though Black tea is produced in large quantities, the locals of Assam also grow green and white tea in smaller quantities. The aroma of Assam tea is comparable to the Coffee of Coorg. Festivals of Assam- the Fun part of Assam Sightseeing The numbers of races that dwell in the hilly regions of Assam celebrate their festivals in unity. The Bihu is the major festival celebrated three times in a year. Then come the festivals of Ali-ai-ligang, Rongker, Bohaggiyo Bishu and Jonbill Mela. The fair and festivals go ahnd in hand which display the handicrafts and other talent of the Assamese. The crafts of Assam are basically made of bamboo, cane, wood and mud. The pottery, toys, terracotta and traditional paintings are the takeaways for the Tourists while returning home from Assam tourism. Best time to visit Assam October to April is considered the best time to visit Assam as these winter months are quite pleasant and sunny. How to Reach Assam By Air: The Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport of Guwahati is well connected by air to most of the metros in the country. Jet Airways, Indigo airlines, spice jet, Kingfisher red, and Jetlite airlines connect Guwahati to Delhi, Kolkata, and the major cities of India. By Road: A good network of National Highways and other roads connect Assam to all prime cities of India. By Rail: A convenient Indian Railways network runs through out the state connecting major Indian cities with Assam. There are train services from Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Trivandrum.

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