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Gujarat Travel Guide

The Gujarat Tourism gives a mixed flavor of Indian culture and heritage. The Gujarat travel guide takes you along the colourful city of Ahmedabad, forts, camel rides and the Indo- Saracenic architectural style of buildings and mosques. The historic temples of Somnath and Dwaraka are major inclusions in Gujarat travel information.
Gujarat Travel Guide: The abode of Lions, Gujarat sightseeing is a mesmerizing destination. The enchanting monuments, the colourful festivals and the wildlife are some of the major Gujarat Attractions. The diverse landscapes and the diverse culture reflect the beauty of the Gujarat Tourism. The Gujarat Travel information is categorized into three major chunks: Ahmedabad: located on the banks of River Sabarmati, which is also famopus for Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram, this Gujarat Tourism- Ahmedabad is full with mosques, temples and cultural heritage. The traditional colonies of the 18th century are seen even today. The Bhadra fort, tombs of Ahmed Shah, Rani Rupmati Mosque, Victoria garden, Dada Hari di Vav (the step well of ancient India), Kankaria Lake and the Textile museum are some of the places worth a visit in Gujarat Sightseeing- Ahmedabad. Vadodra: the Sayaji Bagh that houses the Baroda Museum, a zoo and a planetarium enchants the Gujarat Tourism population. The Museum consists of the rare collections of the ancient manuscripts, the Sculptures of Indian and Egyptian style and the artifacts which reflect the ancient India all at one place. The Naulakhi Well, the Fateh Singh Museum and the Lakshmi Vilas Palace are some of the other places of interest in Gujarat Travel Guide.
Sasan Gir National Park: this park is famous for the Asiatic Lions and the only location in idna where the natural habitat for Lions is provided. The wild ass, spotted deer, chitah, monkeys and peacocks are other treat to the eyes which stand as proof to the rich wildlife in North West India, especially the avian species. Apart from the above Gujarat travel guide, the other places that attract the people for Gujarat tourism are: Somnath: located on the shores of Arabian Sea, this is one of the richest Hindu Temples in India. The manuscripts mention that this temple had over 1000 priests which show the richness of the temple. This was also the place that attracted Muhammad Ghazni to invade India and rule her thereafter The Dwaraka: known as the home town of Lord Krishna of Mahabharata fame, this city has been attracting visitors since Akbar's regime when it was built. Bhavnagar: the excellent excursion spot within Gujarat and also the industrial Centre of the State Jamnagar and Junagadh: Famous for Ashokan Edicts of stone and the largest Grass Root Refinery factory Surat: known for mouth watering cuisines Dholavira: the centre for Indus Civilisation and a Gujarat Sightseeing spot where the tourists can unwind themselves in the arms of ancient Indian culture Lothal and Champaner: the places known for the planned cities in Harappa civilization It is one of the fast developing States in India. The political turmoil did not deter the Gujarat attractions options. People throng here to spend their holiday in the laps of the ancient architecture that includes temples and mosques. The Gujarat travel information can also be clubbed with Rajasthan Tourism or the tourism of Daman & Diu which are nearby places of tourist interest. A 15 day tour will cover the Gujarat attractions, Rajasthan, Daman & Diu Tourism at one go. Best time to visit Gujarat The ideal time to visit Gujarat is from October to February when the state enjoys a warm and pleasant weather. How to Reach Gujarat By Air: Gujarat has 10 domestic airports and an international airport at Ahmedabad. There are frequent international flights to countries in Middle East, Europe and America. Indigo Airlines, Jetlite, Kingfisher airlines; Air India and Kingfisher Red operate regular flights to Ahmedabad from all major cities of India. Other airports are at Vadodara, Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Surat, Kandla, Keshod, Jamnagar, Porbandar and Rajkot.. By Road: An excellent network of roads, state and national highways connects Ahmedabad, the capital city to the different important places in the state of Gujarat and the major cities of India. The Gujarat State Transport Corporation, Gujarat Tourism, and private operators operate regular buses to all the major destinations of the state from most of the larger cities. By Rail: A good railway network not only connects the state internally but also links all prime cities of Gujarat to rest of the country.

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