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Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

The Himachal Pradesh sightseeing starts with the history of this place that has its roots with pre historic presence of life and hence the place is also referred as the land of Gods or the Deva Bhoomi. The migrants from Central Asia had resided in Himachal Pradesh which forms the heart of Himachal Pradesh travel information. Rig Vedas and the Mongoloid history make mention of Himachal Pradesh which was the house for Aryans, Dasyus and Nishads apart from tribes like the Halis, Dhaugris, Dasa and Kinnaras. The Aryans settled int his palce and maintained good relations with Mauryans too. After the reign of Aryans, Guptas rose to power and the region also witnessed the rule of Ghaznis, Rajputs and Gurkhas, British and so on till 19th Century.
Himachal Pradesh attractions emerged as tourist spot only in 19th Century when British made it the summer capital amongst many other places in Northern India to protect them from scorching heat of Indian weather. Even today, the capital city Simla stands as evidence of English grandeur in Himachal Pradesh Tourism. Some of the Himachal Pradesh attractions are: Chamba: Named after Champavati, daughter of Sahil varma in 920 AD, Chmaba is the hometown for handicrafts and temples. The ancient culture and heritage of Chamba is one of the major Himachal Pradesh attractions as it is surrounded by hill ranges at an altitude of 996 mtrs. The picturesque Chamba lies high on the flat mountain range with River Ravi flowing beneath and stands like an ancient Italian village. The famous playground of Chowgan is the place for locals to gather for all kinds of meetings and sports events. The locals are the best source to have complete Himachal Pradesh travel information. There are number of buses that connect Chamba with Pathankot and Dalhousie making this place accessible for people visiting for Himachal Pradesh sightseeing. Dharmashala: this stands on the edge of Dauladhar range and hence is set in the backdrop of snow clad mountains. The end of Dharmashala has the beginning of endless Himalayan ranges, pine covered mountains and forests of giant trees. Himachal Pradesh Travel guide refers to Dharmashala as one of the important places of visit as it has acres of tea gardens and scenic beauty. The natural beauty, calm and serene atmosphere attracts the tourists with its charming view. Himachal Pradesh tourism at this place emerged as a point to meet the scenic beauty where the trekking can be done in early hours of the day when the sun rays fall on the Himalayas and reflect back into the river with all seven colours of VIBGYOR.
The view changes as one approaches Dharmashala, the place of Dalai Lama, the plains take the blue colour and at nights, the moon lit ranges and the star clad sky gives the eternal bliss of natural beauty. Also called as Little Lhasa internationally, Dharmashala emerged as phoenic from the ashes after it was devastated by earthquake in 1905. After the Tibetians were defeated, this region became the temporary headquarters for Dalai Lama and thereafter, became one of the famous places in Himachal Pradesh attractions. Dharmashala also houses the Memorial built by Indian government in memory of the Jawans who laid their lives during Indo-Pak and Indo-Chinese wars. Himachal Pradesh Travel Information The Himachal Pradesh travel guide includes sightseeing to the exotic beauties of wooden benches, stone paths, underground lighting, flower beds and shrubs giving the atmosphere much alike the Tibet. The Himachal Pradesh tourism department has also built the Dhaulahar hotel which provides a glassed Dining hall, beer bar and other amenities. This hotel along with Bhagsu hotel meets the tourist rush that throng the place during holiday seasons. The Himachal Pradesh travel guide is incomplete without a mention of the twin hill stations of Kulu and Manali. Almost resembling the Jammu Kashmir approach, these hill stations draw immense number of tourists especially the newly wed. The temples, handicrafts stores, festivals, apple orchards and the shawls make it a place worth visit in Himachal Pradesh sightseeing. The unexplored beauty of Manali, the small hill station in Kulu valleys also draws equal number of tourists to view the diverse landscapes and the Rohtang pass. Simla, the place of apples, derives its names from Goddess Shyamala, incarnation of Goddess Kali. Also a famous place in Himachal Pradesh Travel guide, Simla is the city for apple orchards, lush greenery, trekking, horse riding, snow sports, and high altitude camping and so on. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism is full of hill stations which includes the apple orchards and beautiful gardens. Best time to visit Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh is known for its salubrious climate. The ideal time to visit Himachal Pradesh is between the months of April to June when weather is mild and sunny and is perfect for mountaineering or enjoying an idyllic nature walk. How to Reach Himachal Pradesh By Air: Himachal Pradesh has three airports at Gaggal, Bhuntar and Jubbarhatti, which connect the state to Delhi and Chandigarh via regular flights by Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Red, MDLR Airlines, and Jagson Airlines.. By Road: Himachal Pradesh has a very good road network, which connect all popular destinations of the state to the major cities of North India. During monsoons, a few roads are closed in fear of landslides. Himachal Pradesh operates deluxe buses and luxury coaches from all prime cities of North India. By Rail: Kalka is the most important railway station in Himachal Pradesh. A narrow-gauge railway track connects Kalka with the capital city, Shimla. The longest railway line is from Pathankot in Punjab to Jogindernagar in Himachal Pradesh. There are a few other railway tracks also passing through important destinations in the state.

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