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Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism is mainly the religious hub for Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and the Islam religions. The Khajuraho temples are the prominent inclusion in Madhya Pradesh tourism as it is known for their stone carvings and the architectural beauty. The wild life sanctuaries, pilgrimage centres and the cities make the Madhya Pradesh Travel guide full of life and interest.
Madhya Pradesh Travel Information: Gwalior: also known as the Fort City or the necklace of the Castles has the captivating structure of the forts. The fort occupies the skyline with Hindu and Islamic style of construction which is a major Madhya Pradesh sightseeing spot. Bhopal: the Land scaped gardens, the Malwa Plateau and the Idgah Hills are places of Madhya Pradesh Attractions- Bhopal. It is a treat to the eyes to watch the Lakes twinkling in the moonlit nights. Orchha: the repositories of Orchha art is the main Madhya Pradesh attractions for the tourists. The Jahangir Mahal, River Betwa, Laxminarayan Temple are some of the prominent inclusions in Madhya Pradesh Travel guide- Orchha. The Sanchi Buddhist Pilgrimage - a world heritage site which was an ideal place for the Buddhist monks and today it is a place to unwind self in the bright sunshine under the trees. This place was decayed for many centuries until in 1818, the British General unearthed it and the whole place was restored to its current form making it a prominent spot for Madhya Pradesh attractions. Khajuraho: Another place in World Heritage site, Khajuraho is a architectural wonder of the Ancient India. The carvings on the walls of this place display the craftsmanship of the people there. The Khajuraho dance festival is a must visit inclusion in the Madhya Pradesh sightseeing.
Kanha Wildlife: the wide variety of vegetation is found here. It was declared a National park in 1951. The project Tiger was initiated at this place to restrict the Royal Tiger Hunting in the Park. Kanha also has a small but ancient dam names the Shravantal which is the main source of water in the area. The best season to visit this place is during the monsoon. Omkareshwar: The meeting point of River Narmada and the Kaveri, Omkareshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India and Madhya Pradesh Attractions. The island is in the form of Om, the sacred symbol of Hindus and hence the name. The Ancient Brahminic architecture is reflected in the construction of Siddnath temple. This island and the temples in the vicinity stood the sands of time in spite of the damage done by the Muslim emperors and the British rulers as the Madhya Pradesh sightseeing temple. Chitrakoot Tourism: the holiness and the beauty of this place is primary for the Hindu Pilgrims. It is said that Lord Rama and his wife stayed at this Chitrakoot during their exile of 14 years. Also in the vicinity the Madhya Pradesh travel information contains some other places of interest like the Janaki Kund, the Ramghat and the Mandakini River. Ujjain: Another place of importance for Hindus and Buddhists alike, Ujjain is the centre for the holy texts and ancient learning. The damaged sculptures and the monasteries were restored some 40 years back and turned into a Madhya Pradesh Tourism spot. The tourists come here from all over the world to participate in the fairs and festivals Ardha Kumbh Mela (held once in 6 years) and the Shivarathri festivals. Mandu, Bandhavgarh National park, Amarkantak Pilgrimage, Panchamarhi Hill Station are some other inclusions in Madhya Pradesh Travel guide. With this Madhya Pradesh Travel information, one can be sure that even a week long holiday will not be sufficient to complete all the places of importance in Madhya Pradesh. The State is well connected by roads, railways and the Airways. The Capital city of Bhopal provides local transport to all other parts of the State. Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh The best time to visit Madhya Pradesh is in the months of October and April when the state enjoys a salubrious weather. How to Reach Madhya Pradesh By Air: A wide network of National Highways and State Highways interlink the cities of Madhya Pradesh to all major cities of India. Madhya Pradesh Road Transport and private owners operate regular bus services from all major cities of Madhya Pradesh to popular cities of the neighboring states... By Road: A good network of highways and roads connects Patna with all major towns of Bihar. Regular direct bus services connect Patna to Calcutta, Rajgir, Nalanda, Pawapuri, Vaishali, Gaya-Bodhgaya, Ranchi, Raxaul, Muzzafarpur, Sasaram. By Rail: An extensive network of railways connect all prime cities of Madhya Pradesh to rest of the country.

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