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Orissa Travel Guide

Surrounded by Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, Orissa is a State of diverse culture, hilly terrains, waters of Bay of Bengal and the river valleys. The tropical climate of Orissa tourism attracts the tourists during monsoon season. The tropical depression sometimes causes heavy loss to life and property but does not deter the Orissa attractions. The history of Orissa spans to more than 2 centuries beyond the current century. The language is influenced by Pali and the religion of Buddhism spread in the region with the maritime trade which existed in those periods. Orissa tourism comprises of visits to the sacred temples and also the lush green meadows.
The Orissa Travel guide will also include the history of Dhavateswar temple on the Dhauli hills which is a sacred place for Hindus and also the Orissa sightseeing of the Peace Pagoda which is built in Japanese architectural style. Orissa Travel Information: Konark: Konark is famous for the Sun temple which stands as epitome to the Orissan culture and religious architecture, acclaimed across the world. The mention of Konark as Orissa Sightseeing is found in many poems including that of Rabindranath Tagore. Puri: the name of Puri changed over centuries as per the will and wish of the ruler. Some of the names are the Puri Jagannath, Hilachal Purushotam, Niladri, Srikehetra, and so on. Once in puri, the Orissa tourism is twofold: the famous temple of the Lord Jagannath and the sea shores of Bay of Bengal. The Puri Jagannath temple which is not only famous spot on Orissa travel information but also counted in the 4 Dhams (or pilgrimage centres) in India.
Sambalpur: the place is renowned for the textiles and also the centre for diamond trade in ancient India. Samaleswari is the deity of this region and a temple is built for her on the Banks of River Mahanandi, which is a famous Orissa attractions spot. Also the Orissa travel guide sometimes includes the temple of Lord Shiva on the hills of Budharaja. Bhubaneshwar: the capital city of Orissa is also known as the Temple city of India, because of a number of temples with ancient architectural marvel found here. The name is derived on the lines of the name of Lord Shiva (the Lord of three worlds) or the Orissa translation Tribhu-baneswar. The temples run to over 2000 in number and date back to over thousand years in the history. This city is a major Orissa attractions place especially because of its importance as Hindu Pilgrimage centre. Jeypore: this is place for holiday freaks. The lush green meadows, river valleys dot this region especially during the spring season. The Koraput is a place in Orissa Tourism –Jeypore, which has a mixture of ancient civilization and natural beauty. One can adventure the trekking and mountaineering in the hills nearby. Dhenkanal: the Dhenkanal opens up to the forest reserves of Orissa Sightseeing. The wild life is secured in the dense forests. Also the Brahmani River flows through this region that housed the early human life that lived on the berries and fruits available in the forests. The change of season sets many changes to the regional climate, making it a hub for the tourists to enjoy the beauty of Orissa attractions. Apart from Orissa attractions, the food named Rosgulla is a sweet delicacy with its origin in Puri. The sweet dish got its fame in early 19th century and even today has its charm over the tourists of Orissa sightseeing. With this Orissa Travel guide, one can observe that apart from a religious trip, the Orissa tourism is also a centre for ancient civilization and ancient temples. The Jains, Buddhists and the Hindus throng to Orissa to visit the places of importance as mentioned above and bask in the natural beauty of the waters flowing from Brahmani River, Mahanandi River and the Bay of Bengal. Orissa Travel Information: The Orissa tourism is not complete without witnessing at least one festival celebrated by the locals. In Mid Juen, the Raja parva is celebrated to commemorate the beginning of Paddy crops. Kumarotsava is celebrated after Dushera which is the festival of youth and is full fo clours. The Rath Yatra held at Puri during June-July draws millions of tourists across the world over when Lord Jagannath rides in the 45 ft high chariot along with the chariots of his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. Best time to visit Orissa The ideal time to visit Orissa is from October to March owing to its salubrious weather conditions. How to Reach Orissa By Air: There is just one airport in Orrisa, which is located at the capital city, Bhubneshwar. All major low cost carriers and full service airlines operate regular flights to and from the city. Bhubneshwar is well connected to New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Raipur, Varanasi, Mumbai, and Chennai.. By Road: Orissa has a wide network of roads that connects well to the rest of the country by National highways and State highways. Bhubneshwar the capital city is well linked to all major cities with in Orissa and its neighboring states.. By Rail: Bhubneshwar is the most convenient and important railway station in Orissa. An excellent train network connects Bhubneshwar to Calcutta, Puri, Madras, Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Tirupati and Trivandrum. Apart from Bhubneshwar Railway Station, there are numerous railheads in Orissa, which link all major cities and towns to Bhubneshwar and other important places with in and outside the state.

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