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Punjab Travel Guide

Many of the Punjab Attractions were destroyed during partition, but still, the State of Punjab stood the sands of time and emerged as one of the most effluent states in India. The Punjab travel information makes the mention of 5 Rivers that start from this State and flow through the heart of the country viz Beas, Ravi, Ghaggar and Sutlej.
The Punjab Travel Guide: Amritsar: the Holy place for Sikhs, Amritsar houses the sacred pond (the pool of nectar- Amrit- sar) and lies on the Asian Highway. The town of Amritsar is also well known for the Jalianwallah Bagh, where the massive massacre occurred during the fight for Independence and hence is a popular spot in Punjab sightseeing. Patiala: this place best known as Punjab sightseeing spot is famous for the food lovers. The tasty paranthas, jootis and the Patiala peg. A visit to Patiala soothes the heart form the busy schedule of routine life and one can also see other Punjab tourism spots of Moti Bagh Palace and the Sports School. Chandigarh: the common capital city for Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh is a rare combination of city life and natural beauty. The creativity of Le Corbusier is seen in the architectural design and structure of the city. The well planned city of Chandigarh is a must visit city in Punjab tourism with its wide roads, land scaping and the sectored divisions. With the Punjab Travel guide, one can have access to the outline of the planned city of Chandigarh.
Ludhiana: The Punjab is reflected in the woolen goods and hosiery found in Ludhiana. Also called as Manchester of India, these Punjab attractions also boast of the Punjab University for Agricultural research and education. Ludhiana also organizes the fair for farmers annually. Punjab Travel Information: Punjab tourism is incomplete without the Bhangra dance of the Punjabis. The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated in the joy of the first harvest of the year in the month of April. The huge drums that contain wheat are encircled for dance. The three piece suit is the attire for this dance and irrespective of the age, all the villagers join the dance. Even at marriage parties and other celebrations, Bhangra dance is a well known form of Punjab attractions. Gidda and Jhumar are other types of dances that are included in Punjab Tourism. The folk poetry is recited by the dancers and the music is given by clapping hands. Punjab Sightseeing: The Shalamar gardens, a typical Mughal style of architecture is famous in Punjab tourism. The tooth like battlements stand high as walls and the corners depict the “burj” or the towers to the octagonal pavilion of the gardens. The terrace and the private gardens tell the stories of imperial women who spent their free time strolling here. The fountains counting to 410 in number is a treat to the tourists, other than the impressive buildings in the form of rest places, flower beds and the trees. Even Persian tradition is sprinkled around the garden with the canals and the fourfold structure of the garden. Punjab Travel Guide: • Sukhana Lake is a prominent place where the City's planners Pierre Jeanneret requested for his ashes to be immersed there • One of the first planned cities in idnia is Chandigarh • The guiness world record of highest blood donation in single day was achieved in Punjab in the year 2009 • The history of Punjab dates back to the existence of Indus valley civilization. Punjab Travel information: The railheads at Chandigarh connect to Delhi, Leh, Lucknow and Amritsar. The Grand Trunk Road connects the State to many of the North Eastern part of India. The Chandigarh Airport and the Amritsar airport have services offered by Indian airlines and jet air making connectivity for Punjab sightseeing an easy task. Best time to visit Punjab The best time to visit Punjab is in the spring, from February to April, and in the autumn, from September to November. How to Reach Punjab By Air: Punjab has two airports located at Chandigarh and Amritsar. Al most all-important airlines operate regular flights to both of these airports connecting them to major cities of India.. By Road: An excellent network of roads and state highways connect all-important cities of Punjab. The National highways NH1 or the Grand Trunk Road link the state directly to most of the significant places in northern and eastern India.. By Rail: Punjab is well linked to other parts of India by extensive railway network. Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Pathankot are the major railway stations in the state, which are served many important trains.

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