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West Bengal Travel Guide

The history of West Bengal dates back to 3rd Century and the cultural heritage is running down the blood of those ancient people who ruled the region. The birth of philosophers, poets and the scientists makes the West Bengal tourism stands out of the crowd amongst the tourism destinations in India. The West Bengal travel guide consists of the plains coming under the Himalayan ranges from north, the North Bengal Plains, Sunderbans and the Ganges delta.
West Bengal Travel guide: The magnificent hill Station of Darjeeling known for the special tea and the hill station is crowned by the Himalayan Ranges and hence finds place in West Bengal Travel information. The red soil in West Bengal is known for the terra cotta temple at Bishnupur. Also the Ganges Delta and the Rajera Hills known for the tiger reserves and the Darjeeling Hill Stations respectively attract many of the people in the West Bengal tourism. The Fort William, Birla Planetarium, Botanical gardens, Zoological Garden, Howrah Bridge and the Eden Gardens are some of the places of interest in West Bengal sightseeing spots. For people in West Bengal Tourism looking for excursion spots, this region has the Sunderban Wild Life Sanctuary, Haldia, Diamond Harbour and the Bandel. West Bengal Travel Information: The Beaches in West Bengal extend to the delta of River Ganges and hence the soil is fertile in the plains. The breathtaking view of the borders of Orissa offers the excellent places in West Bengal sightseeing at the beaches of Junput, Frazergunj and the Shankarpur.
The wildlife is included in West Bengal tourism as this region is known as the home for Tigers. The diversified terrains is a boon of the nature and the West Bengal Tourism department has not left any stone unturned to develop the wild life sanctuaries and the national arks in and around the region. Neora National park and the Buxa National Park are prominent ones in Wild life of West Bengal Sightseeing. These two parks are known for the wealth of a variety of flora and fauna. The densely wooded forests are the perfect jungle camping sites for adventurous tourists. Sunderban National Park: A world heritage site and the house of Tigers of Bengal, this Park is a well known spot for Project Tiger included in the West Bengal sightseeing Kalimpong: the beautiful hill station after Darjeeling, Kalimpong is a preferred location for a quite and relaxed getaway on a holiday weekend. The scenic beauty is added by the presence of Kanchengunja in the backdrop. Digha: the beaches and the landscapes of Digha are must visit places in West Bengal attractions. Kolkata: the spirit sweeping festivals and colours of the West Bengal cultural heritage is reflected here. The gateway for Eastern India, Kolkata is the birth place of 5 Nobel laureates. The Howrah Bridge which is one of the longest bridges in India is one of the prominent West Bengal attractions - Kolkata. West Bengal Travel guide- Cuisines The Bengalis eat rice and the fish curry which is their staple food. The wide ranging varieties offer different tastes and the famous sweet dish Rosgulla is found in almost every traditional household kitchen. Apart from the above West Bengal Travel information, one can also venture out to visit the Singlila National Park, Gorumara National Park, Jaldpara Wild Life Sanctuary known for the rarest species of wild deer, boars and elephants. The people of West Bengal celebrate the Bera Utsav, Holi, urga Puja, Deepavali and many other festivals in each month. The number festivals are more as one goes deeper into the traditional culture of the Bengalis. The tea and tourism festival is prominent in West Bengal Attractions- Festivities, as it represents the onset of tea harvest season in the areas of Darjeeling. Best time to visit West Bengal The best time to visit West Bengal is between October and March when you will conveniently miss the sweaty, humid and suffocating Bengal summer. You will also be in time for the frenzied celebrations of Durga Puja, the worship of the goddess of strength, symbolising good over evil. It is a ten day ritual held in the month of October. Besides, this is also the time when Sunderbans, the world's largest delta and home to the Royal Bengal tiger is open to visitors. How to Reach West Bengal By Air: Kolkata as the capital of West Bengal has an international airport that is connected by regular flights from Europe and the Orient. Domestic airlines connect the major cities in India to Kolkata. By Road: It is possible to get to West Bengal by road. The road connections are disrupted once in a while by floods but generally such a trip is an experience in itself. One can drive or take a bus from anywhere to Kolkata be it Delhi, Bombay or Guwahati. By Rail: Howrah on the west of Hooghly River and Sealdah to the east of the river are the two rail stations in Kolkata, both very crowded and frenetic with activity. All trains to India's north-eastern region originate and end at Sealdah and trains to west, central and south India operate from Howrah.

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