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Chail Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Chail Hill station is ranked as one of the most liked honeymoon spots in India. Also called as Himachal's Paradise, Chail Himachal Pradesh was created by Maharaja of Patiala during his exile to have Chail Shimla as his summer capital. To vengeance his expulsion to Shimla Hill Station, by lord Kitchener of British Raj, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala built the hill station of Chail Himachal as his summer capital which was far better than the summer capital Shimla. The region is also known as Paradise of Himachal as it is best preferred by the Honeymooners.
Chail Shimla is best known for its greenery and calm weather and words like pollution and deforestation are miles away from Chail Hill Station.

Located at over 200 mtrs above sea level, Chail Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by beautiful forests of Deodar. The Maharaja's palace is now the tourist Hotel which comes first when writing about Chail.

Chail in Himachal has a pleasant weather, as during winter season, the area is covered with gold and chocolate colour, summer doesn't have too much of a rising temperature, even during snowfall, the warmth of the region welcomes every tourist.

Located at a distance of 46 kms from Shimla, Chail Himachal can be reached in the Kalka-Shimla Toy train which is really a great journey especially when the train goes through the valleys and gorgeous steep mountains and gives the most cherished moments of the journey
Apart from being a hill station, Chail in Himachal also offers many other attractions such as a wild life sanctuary, Sidh Baba Temple and the cricket ground which is at 2444 mtrs above sea level which is the highest in the world, etc.

The accommodation at Chail Himachal is relatively scanty as the Chail hotels are simple and may not meet the hi-end requirements of the foreigners. The Maharaja Palace which is turned into Chail Hotels is run by the Government now. Fascinating huts in the village witnesses the snow clad Shivalik peaks in the backdrop of clouds and pine valleys. The tourists throng here during May-July and again the crowd of tourists is high during September- November. An air of royalty engulfs the Hill station of Chail as it was built in royal style by Maharaja of Patiala and the surrounding entertainment golf ground and the cricket grounds also testify this. The grandeur of the region is sure to drive the tourist crazy, even a month long holiday will seem to be insufficient here.

People speak Hindi, English and Himachal languages making communication easy for even foreign tourists. The rich heritage along with the serene natural beauty coupled with the medievalism in the hosting style, makes Chail a must visit place in North India.

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