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Bandipur National Park: A wildlife corner where you can spot animals easily

Bandipur National Park is one of the top attractions of Karnataka. If you happen to tour the state of Karnataka, then make sure to check out this forest. Teeming with a delicious variety of birds and beasts, this forested region is definitely a place where your heart would sing and croon.

The park enjoys a spread of over 874 sq km and is in close proximity to a number of other sanctuaries. It is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is a must-visit even for tourists heading for Ooty or Mysore. It is a tranquil, green and lush region where it is easy to catch sight of elephants, monkeys and birds. Tigers too would be lurking somewhere behind the bush. So, don't rule out the possibility of an eye-to-eye stare! Thankfully, Bandipur Karnataka has a significant number of tigers. So, the possibility of a tiger sighting is really quite good.
Other than the tiger and elephants, you can spot all the usual animals which we expect to grace the fern-covered floors of a jungle. From the heinous hyena to the boring boar, from the cute chital to the shy sambhar, from the jumping jackal to the prickly porcupine- you will be surrounded by a magnanimous number of creatures. There is also plenty in store for a birdie! Bird watchers can take heart from the fact that the forest enjoys a heady population of fowls, pigeons and kingfishers. Since there are hundreds of species of birds scattered in the jungle, you will always be left counting them in awe.

Reptiles like the pythons slither over the floors and you are very likely to spot a couple of them. Besides, if you are an astute observant of flora, then you will be pleased with the sight of some attractive varieties of trees and flowers.

One great reason why you should visit Bandipur National Park is that there is less foliage and an open landscape. So, you can so easily spot the animals out in the open land.

There are different types of safaris which are available for a reasonable fee. One can take a bus safari or a jeep safari. You can also opt for the elephant safari which would be slightly costlier (around Rs 150 or more). It is best to take the help of guides for exploration of the Bandipur tiger reserve.
The nearest international airport is at Bangalore. From there, you will have to travel by road. If you are an Indian planning to arrive by train, then the station at Mysore would be barely 88 km away. From there, you can easily get a cab or car.

Best time to visit Bandipur would be between February-May.

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