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Kanha National Park: Best time to visit for spotting the tiger

Situated in Madhya Pradesh in central part of India, Kanha National Park is a top tourist attraction and a nature's hub. It is a wildlife sanctuary and houses a special reserve for tiger. Sprawling over an impressive area of 940 sq km, this park has enjoyed footfalls from some celebrated figures and filmmakers. The renowned novel 'The Jungle Book' was set on this forest by its writer Rudyard Kipling. It is no surprise since this jungle offers a diverse variety of trees, birds and animals.
The dying tigers enjoy a dominating presence in this forest. It would be wrong to say that they are very easy to spot. Some of regions are really bushy and it is a challenge to catch that elusive beast! But the park does have a significant population of the Royal Bengal Tiger. In addition, there are cats like leopards and a variety of deer. Apes and birds have occupied nearly every piece of tree in this territory, and there are reptiles which can give you a daytime scare! From the barasinga to the brown fish owl, from the Gaur to the Golden jackal, this place is teeming and frothing with animals.

Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh is a dream destination for many. You can tour this jungle on a jeep (jeep safaris are available) and even ride on the back of an elephant. If you are really after the tiger, then it will be best to take professional help. The mahaouts who train the elephants promise to take you right into the tiger's territory, but they will charge you a princely sum! For a 10-minute ride, you will be required to shell out around 200 rupees. But thank your stars that you are an Indian, coz foreigners are required to pay at least six hundred! Even if you do not catch the tiger, there is nothing to be disheartened, since you will always be surrounded by other animals.
The best time to visit Kanha National Park would be the months between December-April. While the winter season is the most comforting (since the state of MP is usually very hot during the summer), if you want to maximize your sightseeing experience, then the early summer season should be perfect. It is easier to spot the animals during March-May when most of them gather around ponds to quench their thirst. You are even likely to spot a tiger crooning about. During the rainy season (July-October), the park is shut for tourists.

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