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Pench National Park Nagpur: A wildlife domain that deserves more reputation

Pench National Park is a wildlife sanctuary which is unluckily not as popular as some of the other parks in the country. But its virgin greenery and an eclectic comprise of flora and fauna makes it a must-visit destination. Nestled in the city of Nagpur in Maharashtra, India, this park is a heady reminder of 'The Jungle Book'. It is situated in close proximity to Bandhavgarh National Park and the two make the entire region extremely verdant and photogenic.
The park is spread over an area of 758 sq km though nearly 464 sq km is the buffer area. Hence, around 299 sq km has been allotted to the national park. It would be suffice to say that the park is home to various animals and birds including around 25-30 tigers. Since, a tiger is the most prized attraction of any Indian wildlife sanctuary, this park does have its fair share of charisma to lure you.

Pench National Park India offers you, apart from tigers, other animals like bison, deer, boar, wild dogs and even leopards. Besides, the number of birds which reside in this territory is amazingly high and of a great assortment.

The easiest way to reach the park would be to land in the city of Nagpur. Nagpur offers the nearest railway station and airport. From Nagpur, the park is around 90 km away and can be reached easily by any car or cab.

In India, most of the wildlife parks are closed for tourists during the monsoon months of July-October. So, Pench National Park can be visited from 1st November-30th June (it stays shut from 1st July onwards, until 31st October).
Even though this park does not enjoy the kind of gargantuan reputation as enjoyed by forests like Ranthambhore (in Rajasthan) or Kaziranga (in Assam), it does make for a fascinating escape from the drab city malls. If you are looking for a natural gateway, then it shall definitely make your day. Besides, even Nagpur residents looking for a refreshing weekend break can head to this destination in just around 2 hours.

The best time to drop by at the Pench National Park Nagpur would be during the winter months (December-February) if you are looking for the perfect weather; or during the early summer (March-June) if you wish to maximize your chances of sighting a tiger!

There are a few resorts available in Pench like the Pench Jungle Camp, Tiger Corridor Resort and Jungle Home Pench. So, go out there and have fun!

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